A is for..

I have started working on letter recognition with L and what better way to do that than with fun crafts!! I plan to go through the whole alphabet and make a craft for each letter.

A is for Alligator

Supplies needed:

  • green paper
  • white paper
  • crayon or googly eyes
  • glue

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Rainbow Rice

I started my new nanny job this week and I have been trying to think of fun projects to do with the 2 year old, since the boys I watched are now 7 I haven’t done a ton of sensory activities or crafts with them as I used to.

I am so excited to start a new 7 week series on sensory play! Each Tuesday for the next 7 weeks I will share a post on a sensory play project!

This week I will be sharing how to make colored rice! Come back next week to see what I use the rainbow rice for!

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How To Make Magic Sand

The boys love doing crafts and just about any kind of hands on activities, so the other day when we had nothing to do  I decided we would have a little sensory fun. I needed to do something with ingredients we had on hand and this magic sand is perfect! It only uses 2 ingredients that I would guess everyone has around their house.

How to make magic sand

supplies needed

  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • measuring cup
  • mixing spoon
  • mixing bowl

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On Leaving

As a nanny we become very attached to the kids we watch and although we don’t want to think about it we know that one day it has to end. In a few days I will be leaving my second nanny job and it is no easier than leaving my first nanny job.

I got my first nanny job while I was going to college in Virginia, taking some time off from school because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Then I found nannying. At that time I just needed a job and I always enjoyed kids so why not? I had no idea I was about to discover my passion and long term career. I had no idea that doing something I love so much could turn out to be an amazing career that I love and look forward to every day.

I was only with my first family for 7 months before I moved back home to Cincinnati, but I grew to love that family in that short amount of time and became a part of the family and even spent some holidays together. Leaving them was extremely hard, nothing I ever had to do before. I will never forget leaving my last day of work and getting to the end of the street and realizing I had to go back to return the car seats and house key, when I left I cried like a baby. My back seat looked so empty. I would miss that family dearly, especially since I would be moving 8 hours away and not get to see them very often. Continue reading