Rainbow Rice Sensory Bottle

Welcome back to week two of the 7 week sensory series! Last week I showed you how to make rainbow rice and today I am going to show you what you can do with it!

How To Make A Rainbow Rice Sensory Bottle


You will need the following items

  • Rainbow rice
  • Empty water bottle
  • trinkets, glitter, jewels, beads, or anything else you desire to add to the bottle
  • super glue or hot glue gun


Make sure that your bottle is dry then just start pouring stuff in! It helps if you have a funnel, I don’t have one so I zipped the entire bag of rice except a small spot on the end of the bag and poured it in. When you are all done put some glue around the top and quickly twist it shut.


These bottles are fun to sit and play with and also fun to dance and shake it and make music!


Here are a few other ideas for what to do with your rainbow rice!

PicMonkey Collage11
7 week sensory series
week 1: How to make rainbow rice

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