Super Soapy Sensory Fun

This is the last day of my 7 week Tuesday sensory series, the last several weeks have been filled several fun sensory activities and L has been having a blast trying out new things.

Super Soapy Sensory Fun

Supplies need

I had seen this sensory activity awhile back and I have been excited for L to try it out.

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Paper Plate Pumpkin

I love decorating, I was so excited when I moved into my apartment and got to buy new things to make it feel like my home. This time of year is great because there are so many things I get to decorate for! First up is fall, I went to Target last week and got a bunch of cute decorations from their $1 and $3 section and also got some little pumpkins and gourds from the farm I visited last week. I spent most of my day Saturday cleaning and decorating my apartment for fall.

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Water Sensory

L and I are loving all these fun sensory activities! Today we decided to head outside for some water sensory play, hoping to soak up these last few days of warm weather. Water sensory is so versatile and you can throw just about anything into a bucket of water and your child will be happy. We put in some blocks, measuring cups and spoons.


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b is for boat

Who doesn’t love these fun alphabet crafts? I have been working on a different letter each week with L and he loves making different things with the letter we are learning about.

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b is for boat

supplies needed

start by cutting out a lower case b with any color you would like, a half circle in another color, and 2 white triangles.


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B is for butterfly

I absolutely love to make letter crafts with L, each week we work on a new letter and make a craft with that letter! L is 2 so we are working on letter recognition and the kid loves to do crafts so it is great that we can combine the two.

B is for Butterfly

supplies needed

  • white paper
  • black crayon
  • colored tissue paper
  • liquid glue

You will start by drawing a large capital B on your paper and make sure you draw the “stick” of the B at a curve to make it look more like a butterfly, then draw a head and antennas at the top.


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Fizzy magic sand

Welcome to week 5 of my 7 week sensory series! I am going to share a fun twist on another activity I have already shared. How to make fizzy magic sand

If you have never made magic sand it is just flour and vegetable oil but you can check here to find out how to make it the right consistency.

supplies needed

  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • mixing bowl
  • mixing spoon
  • turkey baster or liquid dropper

Follow these directions for making the magic sand and let your child play for a bit, then have them mix in the baking soda and drop in a bit of vinegar at a time.

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