Falling leaves hand print craft

I know every one is ready for fall and excited for pumpkin spice, cool air, and falling leaves! It is also a fun teaching opportunity for kids and to get them excited for the changing seasons!

How to make a falling leaves hand print craft

supplies needed

  • brown paper
  • white paper
  • adult scissors
  • fall colored tissue paper (brown, yellow, orange, red)
  • glue

first you need to trace your child’s hand and forearm on the brown paper and cut it out.


after you cut out the hand print let the child glue it onto a white piece of paper then they get to decorate their tree with falling leaves.

11949421_10207712790916803_413820422274706219_n (2)

11988612_10207712791076807_8838835839258810974_n (2)

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2 thoughts on “Falling leaves hand print craft

  1. So adorable! I’m always a huge fan of anything involving the little ones handprints/footprints (we have done a number of these projects on our blog actually, hehe.). They make such great keepsakes! I think it’s absolutely adorable what you did here, I’ll be pinning…this would be a fun craft to do with my daughter – though she’d really just provide the hand print right now since she’s a measly 3 months old. Thanks for linking this up to Welcome Home Wednesday!


    • haha I love hand print crafts but so many of them need the adult to do it and the child just provides their hand print, that is why I like that the child gets to be more involved in this hand print craft 🙂


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