B is for butterfly

I absolutely love to make letter crafts with L, each week we work on a new letter and make a craft with that letter! L is 2 so we are working on letter recognition and the kid loves to do crafts so it is great that we can combine the two.

B is for Butterfly

supplies needed

  • white paper
  • black crayon
  • colored tissue paper
  • liquid glue

You will start by drawing a large capital B on your paper and make sure you draw the “stick” of the B at a curve to make it look more like a butterfly, then draw a head and antennas at the top.


Next you will rip up several pieces of tissue paper of any color you choose. If your child is new to using liquid glue you might need to assist them so they don’t cover the whole paper with glue, we like to say “dot, dot, not a lot”


that tongue out means he is really focused on decorating his butterfly.


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