Water Sensory

L and I are loving all these fun sensory activities! Today we decided to head outside for some water sensory play, hoping to soak up these last few days of warm weather. Water sensory is so versatile and you can throw just about anything into a bucket of water and your child will be happy. We put in some blocks, measuring cups and spoons.


L is ready to take his mixing supplies out to play with his water sensory bin!



L had a blast scooping up the water and toys and dumping them back in or dumping them into another cup.


We also like to pretend it is soup and mix it up with a spoon.

Here are some more ideas for water sensory
googly eyes sensory 
beach sensory
polka dot soup
fall sensory
pond sensory

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7 week sensory series
week 1: How to make rainbow rice
 week 2: Rainbow rice sensory
week 3: How to make oobleck
week 4: Mess free sensory bag
week 5: fizzy magic sand

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