Paper Plate Pumpkin

I love decorating, I was so excited when I moved into my apartment and got to buy new things to make it feel like my home. This time of year is great because there are so many things I get to decorate for! First up is fall, I went to Target last week and got a bunch of cute decorations from their $1 and $3 section and also got some little pumpkins and gourds from the farm I visited last week. I spent most of my day Saturday cleaning and decorating my apartment for fall.

12039772_10207925191066674_3948492269689541290_nThe placemats and hello fall sign came from Target.


As you can tell from my decorations, I love chevron, so the chevron pumpkin from Target was perfect for my living room.


Last week was also Nation Nanny Recognition Week and my wonderful nanny family sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a pumpkin vase that you can see displayed on my table. *this post contains affiliate links

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Supplies needed


The first thing you will need to do is cut out a Jack O’Lantern face, this took me a few tries so don’t stress if it doesn’t look perfect the first time. The stem is much easier because it is just a brown rectangle.

Flip the plate over and have your child paint the back side of the plate orange.


Once the plate is covered with paint you can guide your child on where to put the pieces of the face and stem.


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