Super Soapy Sensory Fun

This is the last day of my 7 week Tuesday sensory series, the last several weeks have been filled several fun sensory activities and L has been having a blast trying out new things.

Super Soapy Sensory Fun

Supplies need

I had seen this sensory activity awhile back and I have been excited for L to try it out.


The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup of dawn dish soap, and 1 T of corn starch which you just blend together in a blender. After blending everything together the mixture was not as bubbly as I had hoped so I used a wisk to mix it up and that helped make more bubbles. 11227901_10207926288374106_1568711848570710373_n

I decided we would have less of a mess if we did this sensory activity in the bath tub. L thought it was funny to wear his swim trunks in the bath tub.



After playing with the bubbles for awhile L decided to play with the bubbles with his bath toys.


We also decided to add more water and L loved splashing in the water and bubbles. This sensory activity was a huge hit with L, if you do this I would recommend doing it in the bath or outside.

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