Falling Leaves

You might remember that we did a falling leaves craft a few weeks ago using L’s hand print, but this one is a little different. This time I drew the tree and we used yarn as the leaves. What can I say? I am a little obsessed with fall and that means L gets to make lots of fall crafts 🙂

Falling leaves craft

supplies needed

  • brown paper
  • white paper
  • yarn (whatever colors you have that look like fall colors ex. brown, yellow orange)
  • glue


For this one I cut the tree out myself, nothing fancy necessary. I also cut little pieces of yarn in all the different colors and glued the tree onto the white paper. Once every thing was ready I put a bunch of glue on and let him place the “leaves” on the tree.


After the top of the tree had plenty of leaves we added glue down the sides to make it look like the leaves were falling.


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D is for Dog

This has been our first week of taking baby T out with us when we go to our classes and story time and she has been doing great! My mom boss is still on maternity leave so I only have T for a few hours a day to start transitioning into having her full time later this month. *this post contains affiliate links


I am obsessed with this Ergo baby carrier! It is so nice to be able to walk around and play with L and carry T hands free!

L had been asking to make a dog craft for weeks, so we was ecstatic when we got to the letter D and I told him we would be making a dog!

D is for Dog

supplies needed


Start by cutting a capital letter D with white paper, then cut out spots, a nose and an ear with the black paper.


Let the child glue the spots where ever they want then guide them on where the ear and nose might go. When the child is done you can draw a mouth and eye, only one because this is like a side view of the dog.

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